What is role of the study of common properties of different things in scientific and philosophical discourses?Edit

In experimentation the "role" is called a control. It's used to highlight as many useful observations as possible. It's these variables that allow for prediction in different theories. It's the most important part of science. That and innovation that makes those observations more and more useful. The role is to achieve order through categorization by comparison.

Yes. Mathematicians do this all the time. Essentially, different things may share some of the same properties, and anything based on these properties will be the same. This is also why we can do medical testing for humans on fruit flies or yeast as starting points and still get results.

The Diversified Uniformity Edit

Human beings are diverse but among all human beings there is only one common thing that unite us and that is we are human beings.

If something doesn't have the defining characteristics of an object, then it is not that object. If a human had no properties (characteristics) in common with something, then that something wouldn't be human.

We say a chair is a chair because it has the properties of a chair if something had no properties in common with a chair then it wouldn't have the properties that define it as a chair.

If something is different, then it isn't the same. The basis of multiplicity is division of unity.Every particle in universe is part of another particle, the source being One~~

The whole universe as we perceive is but division. Perceptions also vary depending on degrees of attention/intelligence.

Uniformity of diversity can be clearly understood as that which is common among all the diverse objects yet is unchanging in its property!

When we break even the minutest particle, namely, an atom--- we find, there is 'space'(intelligence) that holds the sub-atomic particles in a particular configuration, which contributes to the uniqueness of that atom.

It is also believed n proven that, an atom is almost 98% space! its the same with any gross matter!

This clearly explains there is one common thing in every diverse objects that we sense.

It is space-energy-intelligence, (name anything)-------which is unclassified by itself!

Can common sense be limited?

I was just thinking about common sense when this idea popped up. How do you differentiate common sense from instinct? In my opinion, a scared person may do something that other people may consider crazy or upsard. In your view, you see what that person aught to have done but if you were in the same scene you might have done something even more upsard. To be real when we react(reflex) to a situation(cause), the reaction is so fast that there is no time to think. Where are the lines drawn between the differences of common sense and instinct?

The Common Properties and the Scientific Method Edit

The identification of the common properties of different things is the basis of scientific method. Why? Scientific method is a structured process!

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The identification of common things

on this one, i have to stress the concept of inclusion and exclusion

1:Inclusion- deals with the common properties of different things which are the basis for identification of properties that are not common to all. an intersection of the properties of different objects:point of oneness:a given property is found in all the object

2; 'Exclusion-properties that have been identified as not being common to all' objects. a remainder of the properties not identified in all the objects each of the property taken only once if it is appearing in more than one object but not in all the objects

man only has what he needs Edit

Just think about a few years ago when there were no means of transport and comminication. common sense has existed since the origin of man and i strongly believe our forefathers too had lots of common sense. As days pass by, we become exposed to things that we were not exposed to earlier. As a result we develop the need to establish objects and measures to deal with the new exposure which leads us to invent something that we did not already have. In the wake of the bird flu outbreak, we all moved at top gear to find a vaccine to stop the menace from wiping us out of the face of the earth. in short, it is the need that drives us to invention not common sense. Common sense mainly deals with the social life and depends on where on earth you have been brought up!

Even in the case of Bird Flue outbreak, it is the scientific principles (which are based on the common properties of different things) helped us in deciding/expecting what vaccine will work and what vaccine will not work.
If one goes wine bar, one can expect wine from there. If one goes to milk barlour, he/she can expect milk from there. It will become nonsensical to expect milk in wine bar and wine in milk barlour.
In the same token, which designs of vaccines will work and which designs will not work is based on the commonsense.
Coming to the point of 'invention': Invention is a guided process while discovery is not a guided one, it is accidental. It is the common sense which helps in invention of new things. Common sense may not be useful in discoveries!

Special Intelligence to study the common properties of things Edit

Properties are the precursors for establishing the existence of a thing. That which has no property is non-existing and hence can not be studied. The identification of the properties of a things is a result of a direct interaction with the thing. This interaction may be in the form of sight in the case of size and color, smell, sound, texture and so on. This identification of this properties may need some special aids such as dyes and instruments such as microscopes,spectrophotometer etc

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Satisfaction of Basic Curiousity Edit


What is the subject?

What is the use of the subject?

What is needed?

What is needed for precautions?


Why do we need them?

Why do we have to know them?


How can we acquire them for scrutiny?

How does it interact?

How do we approach them?


Where is the subject?

Where is the area for its existence?


When would it be possible for its seclusions?

When is its cycles begin and end?

The subject of concern is what triggers the curiousity for its needed facts that it can be known and be known as facts as have studied and restudied by exoirements with the same results, every time.

The subjects could also be in the time and space... in its own secluded or on its natural environment.

The time and space is the bubbles of every individuals in comparison to truth as the reality of concern is in the subject. The beginning and the end... is the time wrap of the present, where the future evolves for its final outcome. Time of present is on every reality of our individuality... that moves on in tuned and interacted for the wholeness of environ as the developments of criteria is as viewed also which in tuned with the wholeness of the Universe.

As for the creation, the beginning and the end is in the subject of its interactivity and concerns... but as for sure, the end results will always be with our present time to all living things that comes out from non-living things... Where non-living things are subject of curiousity of its source... as assumed that came out from nothing.

The diversity, is on ones concern...

The uniformity is the environs effect to all concern with the same situation and resources.

The superiority is the leadership that evolves within the concerns of all which is within the society or culture. Thereby, within the process of survival's evolution.

The 1st law of God's tremendous Universe is order! Absolute all-embracing, ever- evolving, ever-recreating, ever-loving order! Exceptions eternally? Absolute none!

2nd, every body in God's tremendous Universe must eat or there is no body! To shine on, eat must even the sun, consuming every second 4 million metric ton! To shine on, eat must even the sun! Exceptions eternally? Absolute none!

3rd, every ton of good food requires teamwork in harmony with God's law, timing-team-work- wisdom-power-mercy-love can reap 6 million more fruit above, above! Exceptions eternally? None!

4th, any man raising 600 fruit trees in harmony with God's law, timing-teamwork-wisdom-power- mercy-love can reap 6 million more fruit above, above! Exceptions? Eternal? Absolute none!

5th, only constructive working men have built all civilization & everything good that's in it! Intolerant parasites, in order to eat, must dominate-dic1ate-distort-dilute-destroy- smear-slay-slander-cheat or they won't eat! Exceptions eternally? Absolute none!

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Analytical wiki tells that you will discover the same laws of nature in anything and everything!

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