DISCLOSABLES: File:Disclosables.pdf
How to Study New Ones: File:How to Study New Ones.pdf
The Intellectual Rule Book(Tamil Version): File:The Intellectual Rule Book.pdf
The Common ProtocolFile:CommonProtocol.pdf


Samlyn Josfyn, Secreatary of Intellectual Development Foundation

Sivashanmugam, President of Intellectual Development Foundation

You can expand your knowledge about anything by finding:

  1. What are its parts? 
  2. Who/what has the equivalents of those which it has?
  3. Who/what is connected by it?
  4. Who/what can affect it?
  5. What are its forms?
  6. Who/what can substitute it?
  7. Who/what will be satisfied by it?

What do you know about the following? Check it out...

Tamil Version -அறியவிருப்பது - Ariyaviruppathu: File:Mercy.pdf
Tamil Version -முன்ன‌றிவு: File:Munnarivu.pdf

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